Frequently asked questions about our services at Prestige Trophy, Badge and Engraving.

Yes! We sell a wide range of trophies for all sports and occasions. If you can't find what you are looking for on the website, please contact us and we will be able to help create a suitable award.
Yes! We can create name badges for you in just about any design you can imagine. We can attach a pin, magnet or clip depending on your needs and also add a clear resin topping for a slight extra cost for more protection and a more premium look. It is best to contact us and discuss the range of options.
Yes, we can engrave a large range of materials and items either by laser engraving, diamond or rotary engraving or even colour printing. The desired result and difficulty in safely and correctly fitting the item in our machines will determine the process we use. If the item can not be engraved by machine it can often be engraved by hand at a slightly higher cost.
The time and difficulty of engraving will ultimately determine the cost. We do not charge per letter or per line. If you require club logos or graphics engraved this is usually an extra cost. It is best to contact us so we can give you an accurate quote.
Ideally we would like vector files such as .eps, .ai, .cdr or some .pdf documents. These files can be resized without effecting the quality and sometimes the colours can be separated. If a vector files is not possible then a high quality raster image can usually be used such as .jpg, .bmp, .png or .gif. The size of the file will usually determine the quality, if the file is less than 100kb it is probably not suitable however a file over 1mb should be fine. Redrawing the logo may be necessary if it is poor quality which may incur a higher cost.